Shop and Contact

Select prints are available at on my online store.

The Stormlight Archive Playing Card Deck is now available for sale here. Prints of individual cards are available on my online store.

The Far Far Away playing card deck is available exclusively at cons.  If you’re interested in using the deck as part of a charity event or giveaway, contact me using the form below.

Books, audiobooks, etc. can be found here, or at various online retailers.

If you have any questions, are interested in hiring me for a project or using my work,  or would like to request a print not featured on my shop, please e-mail me at or contact me here.

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Shop and Contact

    1. I don’t have an online store set up just yet, but if you are interested in buying prints feel free to e-mail me which one(s) and what size. If you are interested in commissioning original work, e-mail me as well and we can work out a contract. Thanks!

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